About Michelle's Sweet Boutique

We offer a large variety of treats and sweets to our customers that will fit any occasion, from birthday parties to large corporate events. See what fits you and give us a call.

Honey Crown Royal chocolate

Our Business

Since 2011, Michelle’s Sweet Boutique has been producing its high quality products in Las Vegas. We partner with local non-profits and use only the best available ingredients.

What makes Michelle’s Sweet Boutique unique is that every item is handcrafted and we do not use any preservatives. Macarons and chocolates are our specialty and we carefully make all of our fillings; our own caramels, fudges, jams and marmalades. Not to mention that our chocolate is fair traded. We whip our eggs, cream butter and sugar following recipes that are timeless and unforgettable. We also offer a full range of products that can be customized according to your specific needs.


Who We Are

Tradition is very important at Michelle’s Sweet Boutique and so are the current needs and trends of the ever changing customer. We are always creating new gourmet menu items that grace the showcase on a daily basis. We also have products available for those with special dietary needs. Just ask us!

We work all the time with our customers and together we are able to create beautiful and amazing products that surely brings positive results and complete delectable satisfaction.